Digital Equine Cushing-Diary​

Equine Cushing's syndrome (ECS/PPID) cannot be cured, but can be treated well. Our digital Equine Cushing Diary will help you with this.

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How can our app help you manage Cushing's?

Regular monitoring

After the diagnosis, owners should monitor their horse's condition regularly. This includes observing changes in behaviour, appetite, weight and general health.


If your vet has prescribed medication to treat Cushing's syndrome, you can easily record and be reminded to give and administer it.

Diet and feeding

A balanced and appropriate diet is crucial for the treatment of Equine Cushing's disease. Monitor your horse's weight and follow a diet low in sugar and starch to reduce the risk of laminitis.

acth body values horse equine cushing syndrome ppid

ACTH & Cortisol

Monitor ACTH levels to assess the effectiveness of treatment, evaluate the progression of the disease and adjust treatment strategies accordingly.

Movement and exercise

Regular exercise can help to control weight and improve the general health of horses with Equine Cushing's disease. Plan the extent and intensity of your exercise in advance.

Regular Vet Checks

Periodic check-ups with the vet are important to monitor the horse's response to treatment and to adjust the medication dosage if necessary. Enter all upcoming appointments to keep an overview without any paperwork.

The Happie App can be downloaded for free. The free version offers many features that can help you in your daily horse life. To unlock the full app you will have to subscribe to our Premium version. Choose between the monthly, yearly or lifetime option in order to use the app however you want. Further information on pricing can be found here

You don’t have to buy the premium version of the Happie Horse app to manage your horse, but remember that not all functions are available to you in the free version.

  • A Digital to-do list
  • Gait and Ride Analysis
  • Health Record*
  • Medications*
  • Diseases*
  • Treatments*
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Weight
  • Body Values
  • Equine Cushing Diary (PPID)
  • Fructan-Risk at your location
  • Weather data and risk forecast
  • Training exercises

*limited access

Yes, you can create as many horse profiles as you like! Even with the free version.

We all know that more horses mean more fun, but also more management and work. Now you can plan every day for your horses and keep track of their health.

Of course! You can even decide between view access and full access.

The view access allows a person to view the entered data (e.g. for the vet), but does not allow edition of data. The full access allows another person to enter or change data themselves (e.g. riding partners, stable staff).

You can find ACTH / Cortisol by clicking on “Health” on the start page and scrolling down, next to Height and under Respiration, you will find the ACTH widget. If you swipe from right to left, you will also find cortisol. Click on one of the graphs to go to the subpage.

Open the symptom diary, scroll to the area where your horse is showing symptoms and click on the blue plus on the right-hand side or the big plus if you haven’t added anything yet.

To edit a symptom that has already been added to your symptom diary, click on the symptom diary widget and then on the symptom you want to edit. Click on “Edit” in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Make the desired changes, e.g. change the status, and click on save.

Click on the big blue plus in the navigation bar, select “Medication” and enter the name and type of the medication. Now you can choose whether it is a recurring or one-off treatment.

You can find the feeding plan on the start page. There you have an overview of the morning, midday and evening feed as well as snacks and ad-lib that are always available for your horse.

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acth body values horse equine cushing syndrome ppid