Find inspiration, tips and tricks in our academy

Looking for new inspiration for your training? Need to read up on a certain health topic? No problem, you've come to the right app.

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What does the academy include?

Training Exercises

Choose from over 250+ training exercises in our academy. Filter by discipline, focus and intensity. Diversifying your training has never been easier!

Blog Posts

Read articles on different topics and always stay up to date. Whether you need to look up a health topic, need feeding tips or want to know when to rug your horse - we've got it all!


Check out the FAQ section in our app for tricks and tips when using. Find out how to change metric units, add more horses and more.

First Aid Cards

Use our first aid cards for quick help with scratches and scrapes, skin problems and more! Please always contact your veterinarian if you suspect your horse needs help.

Save Favourites

Add blog posts, training tips, exercises and first aid cards to your favourites so you can always have them at hand!

Training Videos

Take a look at our training videos and get new ideas for your next session!

New Content

We're constantly working on new training exercises, tips and tricks as well as blog posts, so that you and your horse's are always well looked after.

Mark As Read

Mark blog articles as read so you can always stay up to date. New articles will be recommended to you.

The Happie App is completely free to download. The free version of the app offers many features to help you keep your animal happie. Some options are limited or not available in the free version. You have the option to buy a premium subscription to the app to unlock all features. For more information, check the pricing page.

You do not need to buy the premium version of the Happie Horse App to manage your horse, but remember that not all functions will be available to you in the free version.

  • Digital To-Do List
  • Gait analysis
  • Health record
  • Medication*
  • Diseases*
  • Treatments*
  • Emergency contacts
  • Weight
  • Body values
  • Cushing’s diary
  • Fructan risk at current location
  • Weather data & risk forecast
  • Training exercises


*limited access

You can now officially create as many horse profiles as you want! Even with the freemium version of the app.

We all know that more horses equal more fun, but also more management and work. Now you can plan all of your horses’ days and keep track of their health.

Of course! Decide between read access and full access.

Read access allows a person to view the entered data (e.g. for the vet). Full access allows other users to enter or change data themselves (e.g. riding partners, stable staff).


To find the academy, simply click the graduation cap at the bottom of the screen. Under the menu item “Academy” you will find over +250 training exercises from the categories pole work, jumping, dressage, lunging and cross-country, as well as training videos for inspiration.

Under the menu item “Academy” and then “Riding Exercises” you will find the “Filter” icon on the right hand side, above the focus choices.
Click once to filter the exercises by level, intensity, focus, equipment and gait.
Otherwise, exercises can be found by entering them in the search bar at the top.

Yes! Click on the exercise or blog post and then tap the heart icon. 

You can then filter the academy for your saved blog posts and exercises.

On the overview page you will be able to see exercises, blog posts, first aid cards and FAQs. At the top you will see a diagram of the exercise, the level, the intensity, the focus, the equipment needed and the description. The blog posts are shown with a picture, title and description, as are the FAQs and the first aid cards.

Create your training plan by clicking on the blue button to create the training sessions for the next few days. You can also attach our training exercises.

Your training sessions are displayed on the start page at the bottom of the training diary and on the to-do list for the day in question.