Your horse's own digital health record

Want to keep an eye on your horse's health? Start using our digital health record today!

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What can you track with the health record?


Enter and monitor your horses weight. Add weight goals and use our calculator to determine your horse's weight using measurements.


Enter and track your horse's temperature. Add it regularly so that you can recognize abnormalities imediately.

Heart Rate

Enter and monitor your horse's BPM. All you need is a stethoscope or your hand. Add it regularly so that you can recognize abnormalities immediately.


Enter and monitor your horse's breathing. Check your horse's breathing regularly so that you can recognize abnormalities immediately.

digital health record for horse track disease medication


Enter and track your horse's height - perfect for growing foals and fillys! Use this function to see their growth displayed in a clearly structured chart.

Health Management

Add upcoming and past medical treatments, add and get reminded of current medications and track your horse's diseases and injuries.

Symptom Diary

Record your horse's symptoms daily with the symptom diary. Add gum colour, nostrils, eyes, skin texture, coat, mane and tail, droppings and more.

Cushing Diary

Note cushing symptoms, as well as your horse's ACTH and cortisol levels to keep an eye on your horse's well-being.

The Happie App is completely free to download. The free version of the app offers many features to help you keep your animal happie. Some options are limited or not available in the free version. You have the option to buy a premium subscription to the app to unlock all features. For more information, check the pricing page.

You do not need to buy the premium version of the Happie Horse App to manage your horse, but remember that not all functions will be available to you in the free version.

  • Digital To-Do List
  • Gait analysis
  • Health record
  • Medication*
  • Diseases*
  • Treatments*
  • Emergency contacts
  • Weight
  • Body values
  • Cushing’s diary
  • Fructan risk at current location
  • Weather data & risk forecast
  • Training exercises


*limited access

You can now officially create as many horse profiles as you want! Even with the freemium version of the app.

We all know that more horses equal more fun, but also more management and work. Now you can plan all of your horses’ days and keep track of their health.

Of course! Decide between read access and full access.

Read access allows a person to view the entered data (e.g. for the vet). Full access allows other users to enter or change data themselves (e.g. riding partners, stable staff).


Yes! You can find overview of the health record, including: the equine passport, treatments, medication, body values and symptom diary. Also shown are the digital to-do list, the gait and ride analysis function, emergency contacts, an overview of the pasture management function, and an overview of the training diary.

Just click on the big blue button in the middle of the screen and select the calendar (Add entry). Select the type (appointment, illness, medication, task, training or own entry). Add additional information such as the horse in question, persons, time period and notes if necessary and confirm with done.

Diseases are added via the health record.

Appointments, tasks, trainings and medication will be displayed on the start page and in the calendar.

Open the health record by clicking on an item from it on the home page. Scroll all the way down.

Add a new contact by clicking on „New contact“, add type, name and number and confirm with done.

You can call your stable contacts directly through the app.

The cushing diary tracks your horse’s ACTH and cortisol levels to keep an eye on your animal’s well-being.

Just remember to enter the data regularly.

Click on the big blue button in the middle and select the calendar (add entry). Choose the type (appointment, illness, medication or your own entry). Add additional information, like the horse in question, people, time period and, if necessary, notes and confirm with Done.

Appointments, treatments and medication are displayed on the start page and in the calendar.