Manage your horse's grazing times and fructan risk

With the Happie Horse App you can track your horse's grazing times, as well as keep an eye on the fructan risk and weather at your horse's location.

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What can you track with the pasture management?

Fructan Risk

Check the daily fructan risk at your horse's location and keep an eye on your horse's health. See current fructan risk factors.

Daily Grazing Period

Enter and track your horse's daily grazing period, and see past pasture time displayed in a chart.


Get notified on specific fructan risk statuses based on your choosing

fructan app risk high medium low warning alarm horse equine pony laminitis colic


Use the location function to see your current location and the weather, as well as set different locations for different horses.

Weather Forecast

Monitor the weather at your horse's current location. Choose between a 12 hour and 4 day forecast.

Past Pasture Times

View past fructan levels or grazing times with ease. Perfect for starting off with your spring turn-out.

The Happie App is completely free to download. The free version of the app offers many features to help you keep your animal happie. Some options are limited or not available in the free version. You have the option to buy a premium subscription to the app to unlock all features. For more information, check the pricing page.

You do not need to buy the premium version of the Happie Horse App to manage your horse, but remember that not all functions will be available to you in the free version.

  • Digital To-Do List
  • Gait analysis
  • Health record
  • Medication*
  • Diseases*
  • Treatments*
  • Emergency contacts
  • Weight
  • Body values
  • Cushing’s diary
  • Fructan risk at current location
  • Weather data & risk forecast
  • Training exercises


*limited access

You can now officially create as many horse profiles as you want! Even with the freemium version of the app.

We all know that more horses equal more fun, but also more management and work. Now you can plan all of your horses’ days and keep track of their health.

Of course! Decide between read access and full access.

Read access allows a person to view the entered data (e.g. for the vet). Full access allows other users to enter or change data themselves (e.g. riding partners, stable staff).


You can only set the location of your horse in the premium version. Otherwise, the current location of your mobile phone is used.

You can set the location of your horse by clicking on the location map on pasture management page . A map will open and you can select a new location for your horse by clicking “save“.

If Berlin is displayed, you have not allowed the app to access the location of your mobile phone. You can easily change this in the settings.

You will find the weather forecast for the next 12 hours in two-hour sections or as a forecast for the next 4 days. The fructan risk is also indicated here, the current risk is highlighted in colour. Below you can enter the current grazing time and see past grazing periods.

Below this you will find the humidity, the average temperature of the last night and the soil dryness.

To calculate the fructan risk, we use the latest scientific findings on the subject of fructan in grass.

The weather conditions of the past days (especially precipitation) as well as the average temperature of the past night and the current weather forecast are taken into account to indicate the risk.

Under the weather forecasts is the field “Today’s grazing time”.

Start and end can be changed by scrolling (automatically in 24 h format), adding confirms.

Added grazing times with fructan risk can be viewed in the diagram below and in the “Grazing time – History”. The currently added time can also be deleted here.

If Berlin, London or a similar capital city is displayed, you have not allowed the app to access the location.

You can easily change this in the mobile phone settings. Then the location of your mobile phone will be displayed again. This function is free of charge.

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fructan app risk high medium low warning alarm horse equine pony laminitis colic
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