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#1 Health and management app

I have had a horse with laminitis since last year and was looking for something to help me know when I can let my horse out to pasture. Super handy!


Great team

I wrote to support about a small problem and got a response in 5 minutes. I am not used to that from other companies. I can recommend. 


Training log

I use the app to log my horse’s training! For me, it meets my needs exactly. The academy makes optimization much easier!


Must have for every horse owner

You wouldn’t believe how many owners don’t know the vitals of their horse. Now I always have them at hand. 


Great health management app

Great management app with lots of potential! The app offers an insane number of advantages in everyday life.


Great customer service

I’ve been using the app for quite some time now and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Any problems were solved immediately by their very friendly customer service.

“My favorite app! I ride horses as part of my profession, and it's saving me money and teaching me something new every day.”

Leslie Odom, Professional Rider


Great app to keep track of everything

Very good app to have the important data on feeding, farriery, movement etc. clearly together and at hand.



Does what it says

Stable management rethought – helps us a lot! Bruno and Wellington are well taken care of.



Simply recommend!

The app was recently suggested to me and caught my attention immediately. Health aspects of the app are great. 



Perfect for horse sharing

I share a horse and I was able to add her in the app. She can leave me notes about her rides and even check off training she’s done.


Great tracking function

I have never had any problems with the app and am rather amazed at how accurately it logs and recognizes the gaits during a ride. 


Very happy

Am very satisfied as an amateur rider. Always amazed that even trotting and canter are differentiated in the app. 5/5 stars 👍

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