Manage your

horse with the

Happie Assistant

Let us introduce the best equine horse app assistant for personalised management, training and healthcare

Personalised advice


Ask about past and upcoming events, receive recommendations for your scheduling of vaccinations, deworming, shoeing, trimming and much more.

No need to guess or find out when you had the last vet appointment, instead you can ask the assistant to find all the prior dates for you.

All about AI in Happie

For now our AI is purely chat based and will only activate if you promt it, the goal is to integrate it further into the app, allowing you to receive help without ever having to request it.

Open AI and Happie

We get our smart info from Open AI, a research organisation focused on developing and promoting artificial intelligence technologies for the betterment of humanity.

Working with data you gave

It was our goal to integrate an artificial intelligence that can interact with the data you choose to share with it, giving it the option to give you tailored answers.

Personalised to your horse

All the answers are based on your selected horse. Ask about health, management and training for specific answers or ask general horse-related questions for general answers.

Always inspired


Sometimes you want to improve or spice up your training, but you’re not exactly sure where to start. Or maybe, you keep making the same plans again and again and you can’t figure out how to get out of the rut. The Happie Assistant offers the chance to learn more about your training habits and things you can change to improve it, while recommending training plans based on what you need.



Sometimes it is challenging to keep everything related to equine health in your mind. The Assistant will guide you through all your questions, tailored to your horse and all that it knows (e.g. breed, age, sex and more). 

Consult the Assistant on weight, height, body condition score, temperature, pulse, respiration, acth and much more. 

You can even ask about abnormal symptoms and what diseases they could indicate.

Built for everything you need





Air & Grass Quality


Grazing and turnout is a fundamental part when owning a horse. While most horses do not have any health issues caused by grass, pollen or poor air quality, others can be impacted severely.

The Assistant can guide you through all your doubts or simply help you in your turnout scheduling.