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Fly Hoods for Horses

The Benefits of Fly Hoods

Fly hoods, also known as fly veils or ear bonnets, are a type of protective gear that are worn by horses to protect their ears and head from flies, insects, and other pests. They are usually made of a lightweight, breathable material and are designed to fit snugly over the horse’s ears.

Everything About Fly Hoods

Why Should I Use Fly Hoods on My Horse

Fly hoods, also known as fly veils or ear bonnets, are used for a variety of purposes related to protecting horses from flies, insects, and other pests. Here are some common uses for fly hoods:

Fly protection:

The primary purpose of fly hoods is to protect horses from flies and other insects. Flies can be a major nuisance to horses and can cause them to become agitated, distracted, and uncomfortable. In addition, some flies can transmit diseases and parasites, making it important to protect horses from their bites.

Equestrian sports:

Fly hoods are also commonly used in equestrian sports such as show jumping and dressage. In these disciplines, horses must remain calm and focused while performing complex maneuvers, and the presence of flies can be a distraction. Fly hoods help to keep the horse calm and focused by reducing the amount of buzzing and swarming around their head.

Noise reduction:

Fly hoods can also help to reduce noise around the horse’s ears. This can be helpful for horses that are sensitive to loud noises or easily distracted by sounds.

Fashion statement:

 Fly hoods come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be decorated with embellishments such as piping, embroidery, or crystals. Many riders choose fly hoods that coordinate with their horse’s saddle pad or other equipment, or that reflect their personal style or branding.

Injury prevention:

In some cases, fly hoods may be used to prevent injuries to the horse’s ears or head. Injuries like that can happen during transport or when the horse is turned out with other horses. Fly hoods can help to prevent biting or rubbing injuries, and can also provide a layer of protection against sunburn or other environmental factors.

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